DAY: Tuesday 30-11-2021
TIME: 1st CALL: 18:30 HOURS

2nd CALL: 19:00 HOURS


1st.- Appointment of two intervening partners to sign the minutes of this assembly. 2nd.- Reading of the annual accounts and audit report of the 2020-21 campaign.

3rd.- Approval of the accounts for the 2020-21 campaign as well as the application of the result, if applicable.

4th.- Appointment of auditors for the next financial year 2021-2022.
5th.- Ratification of the agreements adopted at the OP Assembly dated September 13, 2021. 6th. – Approval if new funding issues, if necessary.
7th.- Information on new investments to be made in the Cooperative for energy reasons. 8.-Prayers and questions.

Albatàrrec, November 8, 2021
Note: The audit report and the annual accounts are available to the member at the Office.

Link to PDF document: